Applying the Text

Both the preacher and his people are concerned that the sermon be relevant and easily applied. And this valid concern can lead to abuse in cases where the preacher begins by searching the text for applications without taking the time...

by Kent Hughes   Text

Cutting Down Anger at the Root

Several kinds of struggle involve what we might call our temperament. Obviously sin can be found emanating from every part of our personality. There are sins of the intellect, as well as more emotional sins. The category of temperament includes...

by William Edgar   Text

Unembarrassed Supernaturalism

Listen to Dr. Jonny Gibson’s presbytery address from 2 Peter 3:1–10. Made available by International Presbyterian Church. Click the download button to listen. ...

by Jonathan Gibson  |   min Audio

Created and Creating

Watch Dr. William Edgar discuss his new book, “Created and Creating: A Biblical Theology of Culture.” Purchase the book today for nearly 40% off: ...

by William Edgar  |  2.5 min Video

President Trump, Therapist in Chief?

One of the mysteries surrounding the upcoming presidential inauguration is that of why the various celebrities who have refused to perform for the Commander in Chief have not been subject to the same brutal legal and financial penalties as...

by Carl Trueman   Text

Augustine, Pilate, and the Kingdom of God

Augustine is rightly regarded as the greatest theologian of the ancient church. On so many matters, his views have shaped Christian thought in a God-centered way. But in his approach to culture, there are some defects, in my opinion. In...

by William Edgar   Text

The Cultural Christian Life

Any discussion of how the Christian faith relates to culture and the cultural mandate must take account of what the New Testament actually says about culture and custom. At the outset, it is important to remember that in general Christians living...

by William Edgar   Text

Best of 2016: Free Ebooks and Faculty Posts

Our faculty site enables you to discover and share the rich theological resources produced by our professors. Below, you can read their most popular posts this year. In addition, you can download three free ebooks made available by Westminster Seminary Press and...

by Jeffrey Jue   Text

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Does the Virgin Birth Really Matter?

If the virgin birth is only found explicitly in two passages (Matt. 1:18–3:12; Luke 1:26–38), can it really be that important? Absolutely! If we did not know about the virgin birth of Jesus, our knowledge of Jesus’s person and work would...

by Brandon Crowe   Text