PasCon 2017 Theology Refresh: Biblical Theology of Mission Panel

Watch Drs. Beale and Gibson explore a biblical theology of mission with Drs. Andy Naselli, Brian Tabb, and Jason DeRouchie at the Bethlehem Conference for Pastors 2017. ...

by Jonathan Gibson  |   min Video

Apologetics & Jazz: An Interview with Dr. Edgar

Recently, Dr. Lillback sat down with Dr. Edger to talk about Christianity, culture, and Dr. Edgar’s new book Created and Creating: A Biblical Theology of Culture. During this interview for Unio Cum Christo, they discuss topics ranging from Dr....

by William Edgar  |  76 min Video

An Interview with Dr. Manuel Ortiz

Carl Trueman: Manny, I wonder if you could start by outlining something of your own life history? Manuel Ortiz: I come from a Roman Catholic family, as would be expected of most Latinos in the 1950s and 1960s. I struggled with...

by Carl Trueman  |   min Audio

What Is Imputation?

The use of technical theological terms is important for communicating with care key truths about what is revealed in Scripture. Quite often, however, these terms are either not found in Scripture (such as Trinity) or are used in specific ways...

by Brandon Crowe   Text

The Holy and Righteous Adam

Closely related to Jesus’s identity as the Holy One of God is his identity as the righteous one. Indeed, Luke tightly links these predications for Jesus in Acts 3:14 (ton hagion kai dikaion), where they are best taken not as...

by Brandon Crowe   Text

Adoption and Israel

Having established the vital resurrection/adoption connection in Romans 8:23, the apostle Paul draws Romans 8 to conclusion with the doxological and pastorally poignant question concerning the sons’ security in the Son: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” (Rom....

by David Garner   Text

Saved as Sons in the Son

Redemptive solidarity with the Son of God is at the heart of Paul’s soteriology, and the filial terms employed by Paul communicate this Spirit-wrought union. To the point, Paul’s huiothesia exploits the etymological connections between huios (“son”) and huiothesia to...

by David Garner   Text

Applying the Text

Both the preacher and his people are concerned that the sermon be relevant and easily applied. And this valid concern can lead to abuse in cases where the preacher begins by searching the text for applications without taking the time...

by Kent Hughes   Text

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Cutting Down Anger at the Root

Several kinds of struggle involve what we might call our temperament. Obviously sin can be found emanating from every part of our personality. There are sins of the intellect, as well as more emotional sins. The category of temperament includes...

by William Edgar   Text