Lane G. Tipton

Systematic Theology

Rev. Dr. Lane G. Tipton (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is associate professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Dr. Tipton’s academic interests are many, including hermeneutics, soteriology, Christology, covenant theology, Trinitarian theology, modern theology, and the integration of biblical and systematic theology. For those who are new to Dr. Tipton’s writing and teaching on his research interests, he recommends several resources as places to start. On the doctrine of Scripture, consider his articles “The Witness of Scripture to Itself,” “How to Build a Doctrine of Scripture,” or “Incarnation, Inspiration and Pneumatology: A Reformed Incarnational Analogy.” On apologetics, consider “Resurrection, Proof and Presuppositionalism: Acts 17:30–31” or “Paul’s Christological Interpretation of Creation and Presuppositional Apologetics,” in Revelation and Reason.

On biblical theology, consider watching “Biblical Theology and the Westminster Standards Revisited,” which is Dr. Tipton’s inaugural address as the Charles Krahe chair of Systematic Theology. Also consider “The Gospel and Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutics” in Confident of Better Things“Christology in Colossians 1:15–20 and Hebrews 1:1–4: An Exercise in Biblico-Systematic Theology” in Resurrection and Eschatology, “Jesus in the Old Testament: The History of Apostolic Imagination or the History of Special Revelation?” in No Uncertain Sound: Reformed Doctrine and Lifeor listening to Vos Group, a monthly discussion on Geerhardus Vos’ Biblical Theology on Reformed Forum.

Other resources Dr. Tipton recommends beginning with are “The Eschatology of Hebrews 2:1-4: A Critical Appraisal of the Theonomic Thesis,” “The Function of Perichoresis and the Divine Incomprehensibility,” “Union with Christ and Justification” in Justified in Christ, and his discussion with Michael Horton on Reformed Forum about “Justification and Union with Christ.”


  • PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2004
  • MDiv, Westminster Seminary California, 1998
  • BA, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 1992

Church Ministry

Dr. Tipton is an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC).

Teaching and Professional History

  • Professor, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2003–present


  • Theology of Hebrews (NT881)
  • Survey of Reformed Theology (ST131)
  • Doctrine of Christ (ST223)
  • Doctrine of Salvation (ST313)
  • Studies in Historical Theology II (ST773)
  • The Theology of Romans (ST781)
  • The Theology of Karl Barth (ST803)
  • Covenant Theology (ST811)
  • The Trinitarian Theology of Cornelius Van Til (ST901)
  • Union with Christ (ST930)


  • Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)
  • American Academy of Religion (AAR)

Other Online Resources

  • Reformed Forum hosts Dr. Tipton frequently on various theological topics and discussions.
  • Vos Group, hosted by Reformed Forum, is a series with Dr. Tipton through Geerhardus Vos’s Biblical Theology.