A Son Like No Other

“The Son who came had to live a life of full covenant obedience, had to traverse the pathway of suffering so that he qualified as the righteous Son to become our deliverer.” –Dr....

by David Garner  |  36 min Audio

A Few Good Men: Standards for Christian Leadership

 “Our lives are to complement our teaching because the one influences the other; orthopraxy begets orthodoxy.” –Dr. Jonathan Gibson Watch Dr. Gibson...

by Jonathan Gibson  |  49 min Video

The Promised Son

“At the heart of the covenant of grace is a promise of a war against the serpent by a Son.” –Dr. Jonathan Gibson Hear Dr. Gibson lecture from Genesis 3 on the reconstituted kingdom...

by Jonathan Gibson  |  46 min Audio

Your Kingdom Come

“We have in the beginning, God establishing a kingdom. Adam was God’s son, a prophet, priest, and king whom God made to supervise his garden-temple as he mediated life from Eden to the...

by Jonathan Gibson  |   min Audio

New Creation and Sabbath Rest

 “The Sabbath is not primarily a pattern, but is first a picture and symbol of eternal life; of the life to come.” –Dr....

by Jonathan Gibson  |  41 min Audio

Son of God, Son of Man: Why God Became Man

Watch Dr. G. K. Beale explain the meaning and relationship between Jesus’s titles as “Son of God” and “Son of Man.” This lecture was given at the 2018 Greenville Theological Seminary 

by Gregory Beale  |  59 min Video

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The Weak Things of This World: The Suffering Servant of Isaiah

Watch Dr. Jonathan Gibson expound the enigmatic nature of the suffering servant found in Isaiah 53. This lecture was given at the 2018 Greenville Theological Seminary Spring Theology Conference. ...

by Jonathan Gibson  |  58 min Video