Back to the Beginning: Genesis 1–2

October 09, 2019

by Jonathan Gibson

“The sabbath is not merely a symbol or a type…In order for something in the Bible to be either a symbol or a type it must first be a historical reality. You can’t begin with a symbol. The thing has to first be a historical reality which then symbolizes something.” –Dr. Jonathan Gibson

Watch four talks by Dr. Gibson on Genesis 1–2. These lectures were delivered at the “Back to the Beginning Conference” at Redeemer OPC in Ada, Michigan.

Session 1 – It’s About Time: The Days of Genesis 1

Session 2 – Adam, Who Art Thou? Myth, Metaphor or Man?

Session 3 – God’s Kingdom in a New Creation: The Beginning of the Greatest Story Ever Written

Session 4 – Shameless Sexuality: What the Bible Says about Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage

Jonathan Gibson

Dr. Jonathan Gibson (PhD, Cambridge) is professor of Old Testament at WTS.

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