The Lord’s Prayer as an Apologetic

July 08, 2014

by William Edgar

The Forum of Christian Leaders and the European Leadership Forum host Dr. William Edgar for a workshop on the Lord’s prayer as a vision for the entire Christian life and apologetics. Dr. Edgar’s book A Transforming Vision: The Lord’s Prayer as a Lens for Life further develops this concept.

They introduce the session: “While many books and articles exist on the Lord’s Prayer, few if any look at it as a statement of apologetics, or a world-and-life view. This seminar purposes to look at the Lord’s Prayer as a transforming vision. Prayer itself is essential to Christian apologetics; the defense and commendation of the Christian faith. Each of the petitions can be understood as a point of apologetics, because they take a particular part of life and look for renovation in our individual and corporate lives as we face them. Each of them is counter-cultural, and calls for radical change through the presence of God clothed in the Gospel.”

Produced by the European Leadership Forum.

William Edgar

Dr. Edgar (DThéol, Université de Genève) is professor of apologetics at WTS.

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