The Protestant Revolt: Overview

April 02, 2014

by Peter Lillback

Peter Lillback introduces his video tour of the Reformation in this overview of The Protestant Revolt series. This is the introduction to an 11-part series.

With a world class team of scholars, pastors, and theologians, Dr. Peter Lillback leads us through an eye-opening journey around the world. From Luther’s Germany and Calvin’s Geneva, to Spain, England, and Scotland, and beyond to America, our modern society, economy, government, and church have their roots in the Reformation. Here we can clearly see how the Reformation shaped the world we live in today.

This entire series is available free online. Total time is 3 hours, 48 minutes (12 Sessions).

Introduction and Overview (10:16)
Chapter 1: The Vicar of Christ (23:55)
Chapter 2: The Priesthood of the Believer (22:58)
Chapter 3: Calvin’s Curse (22:51)
Chapter 4: The Cross and the Crown (21:27)
Chapter 5: City on a Hill (20:19)
Chapter 6: Upon this Rock (20:00)
Chapter 7: Magnum Opus (19:44)
Chapter 8: Set in Stone (24:52)
Chapter 9: The Enlightened Ones (24:11)
Chapter 10: The Martyrs (19:56)
Chapter 11: Liberty and Justice For All (19:54)

Also available are free student and teacher guides to print and share, with notes and discussion questions for each chapter for use in Christian schools, home schools, small groups, Bible studies, and churches.


“Anyone who wants to understand why Protestants believe as they do needs to know something of the Reformation. If you’ve never studied this crucial period of history, this video curriculum is the best introduction available.”–Carl Trueman, pastor, author, and professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary

“This is a stunning visual feast that is as equally informative as beautifully presented. This is a rare set that belongs in every home and church and library.”–David Hall, Senior Pastor of Midway Presbyterian and author of A Theological Guide to Calvin’s Institutes

Peter Lillback

Dr. Lillback (PhD, Westminster) is president and professor of historical theology.

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