The 10 Commandments with WTS Faculty

December 22, 2017

by Peter Lillback

Enjoy video from our 2017 fall chapel series on the 10 Commandments by several of our faculty members.

The First Commandment (Dr. Stephen Coleman)

The Second Commandment (Dr. Carlton Wynne)

The Third Commandment (Dr. Brandon Crowe)

The Fourth Commandment (Dr. Iain Duguid)

The Fifth Commandment (Dr. Peter Lillback)

The Sixth Commandment (Rev. Steven Carter)

The Seventh Commandment (Dr. Jonathan Gibson)

The Eighth Commandment (Prof. Matthew Dudreck)

The Ninth Commandment (Dr. William Edgar)

The Tenth Commandment (Dr. Kent Hughes)

Peter Lillback

Dr. Lillback (PhD, Westminster) is president and professor of historical theology.

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