2016 Preaching Conference with Rev. David Helm

July 24, 2017

by Kent Hughes

Watch Reverend David Helm, pastor of Holy Trinity Church (Hyde Park) and author of Expository Preaching, deliver the plenary sessions from our 2016 Preaching Conference. Rev. Helm spoke on the topic of “the preacher and sermon preparation.”

What Every Young Preacher Needs to Know

In this first plenary session, Rev. Helm expounds Exodus 6:1–13, unpacking truths for new preachers and reminding them of the power of God in Moses’s weakness.

A Pathway to Preparation 

In session 2, Rev. Helm offers his take on the famous “Clowney Triangle,” highlighting common pitfalls in sermon preparation.

From Structure to Shape

In the third session, Rev. Helm reflects on the importance of synthesizing material into accessible sermons for God’s people.

What Every Old Preacher Needs to Remember

In his last plenary session, Rev. Helm offers encouragement from 2 Tim. 4:9–22 to seasoned preachers.


Kent Hughes

Dr. Hughes (DMin, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is professor of practical theology at WTS.

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