Biblical and Greek Conceptions of Prophetism (Vos Group #50)

December 15, 2018

by Lane Tipton

“The Greek prophetes does not stand in the same direct relation to the deity as the Hebrew nabhi does. In reality, he is the interpreter of the oracular, dark utterances of the Phythia, or some other inspired person, whom from the depth underneath the godhead of the shrine inspires.” –Geerhardus Vos

In this episode of Vos Group, Drs. Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey continue through Vos’s Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments, to compare Greek and pagan conceptions of prophet and their connection to contemporary modernist conceptions. This discussion covers pages 194–197.

Produced by Reformed Forum.

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Lane Tipton

Dr. Tipton (PhD, Westminster) is professor of systematic theology at WTS.

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