Christmas in the Archives

December 25, 2015

by David Garner

This time of year is a time for us to celebrate Jesus Christ coming into the world as our savior. Throughout the years, Westminster faculty have spoken on the incarnation and the hope of Christ in the world. Many of those chapels and lectures are available in our audio archives. Below are some of the highlights.

  • Rev. Dr. Timothy Keller, “God With Us: Christmas and the End of Fear” Listen Now
  • Rev. Dr. C. Jack Miller, “Wise Men Seek a Completed Life” Listen Now
  • Rev. Dr. Edmund Clowney, “Would You Believe in Christmas?” Listen Now
  • Rev. Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, “It Started in the Temple” Listen Now
  • Rev. Dr. Moises Silva, “God Remembers and Forgets” Listen Now
  • Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman, “The Biblical Aspects of Peace in Simeon” Listen Now
  • Rev. Dr. E. J. Young, “Old Testament Prophecy: The Fulfillment of Prophecy” Listen Now

Reflecting on Matthew 1:18–25, I am reminded afresh of the power of God’s inconvenient, incomprehensible grace in Immanuel. A rebuke comes to us in view of the overly-sentimentalized, nostalgic lenses we often wear when considering the first Christmas. Any serious consideration of these verses, however, points to chaos—chaos in the lives of Joseph and Mary that was profound and no doubt unwanted. Into that chaos came the power of the incarnate One whose fulfillment of the God-with-us promise of Scripture brought transcendent peace, resolution, and hope to the chaos of our human hearts. May that inconvenient, incomprehensible, and incarnate grace be yours in full this Christmas season.

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David Garner

Dr. Garner (PhD, Westminster) is associate professor of systematic theology and vice president for advancement at WTS.

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