Does the Bible Teach Definite Atonement?

September 18, 2017

by Jonathan Gibson

“To support the doctrine of definite atonement, I don’t think it’s as simple as providing a set of biblical texts. For example, as someone who believes in definite atonement, I could bring all the particularistic texts to the table and speak about Christ’s death for me, for his people, for us believers, and for the church. But then someone who believes in a general or universal atonement will bring to the table universalistic texts, and say, Look at these. Christ died for many, for all, for the world. What normally happens then is a bit of textual tit-for-tat. You go back and forth, a bit like a game of Bible ping-pong. . . .”

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Jonathan Gibson

Dr. Jonathan Gibson (PhD, Cambridge) is professor of Old Testament at WTS.

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