Faith in the Public Square

July 19, 2017

by Peter Lillback

On October 6–7, 2016, Westminster hosted Faith in the Public Square, a conference to promote a conversation about public theology. We welcomed respected thinkers from a variety of traditions. Lecture topics included religious liberty, sexual ethics, personal identity, the history of Calvinistic political thought, and more. Keynote speakers Robert George and Kevin DeYoung were joined by several respected cultural critics and theologians, like Hugh Hewitt, James Skillen, Rusty Reno, James Kurth, Mollie Hemingway, Harry Reeder, and our own Peter Lillback, William Edgar, Carl Trueman, and Carlton Wynne.

Although many of the speakers did not share our commitment to Reformed confessionalism in the Westminster tradition, we were glad for the opportunity to surface our disagreements while also enjoying meaningful dialogue on a range of important issues.


Watch Dr. Robert George speak on the modern forms of Gnosticism facing the church, followed by a Q&A session led by Hugh Hewitt.

Watch Rev. Kevin DeYoung speak on the life and thought of John Witherspoon, followed by a discussion with Dr. Peter Lillback and Hugh Hewitt.

Watch Dr. Carlton Wynne discuss the differences between a distinctively Reformed conception of natural law and the classical model with Rev. Kevin DeYoung, Dr. James Skillen, Dr. Rusty Reno, and Hugh Hewitt.


Watch a discussion on issues surrounding free speech with Mollie Hemingway, Dr. William Edgar, Dr. James Kurth, and Dr. Harry Reeder, moderated by Hugh Hewitt.

Watch a discussion on how Christians should live in a hostile culture with Dr. Carl Trueman, Dr. R.R. Reno, Dr. Robert George, and Archbishop Charles Chaput, moderated by Hugh Hewitt.

Peter Lillback

Dr. Lillback (PhD, Westminster) is president and professor of historical theology.

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