God of the “Whats” and the “Hows”

April 14, 2015

by Scott Oliphint

In our last article, we saw that the objection of circular reasoning in a Covenantal approach to apologetics has actually been a standard objection to Reformed thinking for centuries. Objections like this one are understandable, given that the ones offering them are, for the most part, outside the pale of Reformed theology. Whether we want to recognize it or not, our theology dictates our apologetic methodology. Responses to a “Classical” approach to apologetics, given its home in Arminian theology, need, first of all, to find their home in Reformed theology. Any disagreement on apologetic approaches is, first of all, a disagreement of theology. The debate, therefore, should be of a biblical and theological nature, and not primarily philosophical.

This month, and (at least) the next (we’ll need at least two articles to flesh out our response), we face an objection that assumes a certain, basic, awareness of philosophical jargon. I hope, however, to explain these philosophical categories in theological terms so that anyone unfamiliar with the philosophical terms might nevertheless recognize their theological importance and usefulness.

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Scott Oliphint

Dr. Oliphint (PhD, Westminster) is professor of apologetics and systematic theology at WTS.

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April 08, 2015

by David Garner