God Works Grace

April 22, 2014

by David Garner

Grace is no arbitrary decision or arbitrary act. Grace is not an illusion or a pretension. God does not look at us with a nod and a wink. Real redemptive grace is ours because, as the psalmist puts it, God’s “right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him” (Psalm 98:1b). Grace works because God works grace. Or as we put it in the last column, salvation is by works alone.

In Genesis 1-2, the Almighty God stooped to make covenant with mankind in the Garden. He gave Adam and Eve explicit instructions with a promise. God set out to dwell in relationship with Adam and his progeny, but stipulated clear conditions for the fellowship. The Righteous Creator left no room for even the remotest compromise: “Do this and live!”

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David Garner

Dr. Garner (PhD, Westminster) is associate professor of systematic theology and vice president for advancement at WTS.

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