Interview on Chalmers and Founders of the Free Church of Scotland

March 30, 2015

by Sandy Finlayson

On Reformation21, regular contributor Paul Levy interviews Westminster’s librarian Sandy Finlayson.

“Over the last month I have read Sandy’s first work Unity and Diversity looking at 11 of the Free Church of Scotland founders. Lots of familiar names and some not. I found it a fascinating read as Sandy doesn’t gloss over the failings of these great men. As the title suggests, the confessional unity of these men, and yet their diversity, is wonderfully encouraging. The early warning signs of decline are also addressed and, in looking at how a denomination develops but also can drift, the book is thought provoking.

The men written of here are not plastic saints. Enormous strengths are there for all to see and yet also weaknesses which are equally obvious. Sandy doesn’t gloss over them and I think, for those of us in reformed denominations, this is a very helpful book indeed. I’ve asked the man affectionately known as ‘the librarian’ some questions about this volume and his new book on Thomas Chalmers.”

… continue reading on Reformation 21: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Sandy Finlayson

Mr. Finlayson (MTS, Tyndale Seminary) is library director and professor of theological bibliography at WTS.

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