Introducing the New Westminster Faculty Site

September 10, 2015

by Peter Lillback

The faculty is at the center of Westminster Theological Seminary. Our professors are on the front lines of our mission, day-to-day, shaping our students in preparation for gospel ministry. They fulfill critical roles through their service to their local churches, and to the global church, through their biblical scholarship.

Collectively, our remarkable 15 full-time faculty have authored or contributed to nearly 200 books. They are deeply committed to their local churches. Many currently hold pastoral positions even as they serve as professors. Together they represent over 200 years of ministry experience. They write, teach, and speak all over the world.

Interviews, articles, videos, sermons, courses, and more are available, across all your devices.

Our goal is to make this world-class content more accessible to the many, global audiences now connected online. We wish to serve those who are seeking resources to study and share as they grow in ministry and in their lives in Christ.

To this end, we have launched the first stage of a new faculty site. Here you can discover, follow, and share our faculty’s content and resources. The site connects you to much of the content the faculty has produced across the web, as well as new and original materials they are producing. Interviews, articles, videos, sermons, courses, and more are available, across all your devices. Explore content from among the whole faculty, or focus in on particular faculty members, as best reflects your study goals.

We hope you are blessed by Westminster’s new resource. We see it as a vital step in our mission to train up leaders in pastoral and lay ministries that proclaim the whole counsel of God. Browse the site and benefit from the many resources already available. Also, please share these resources with others you believe will also be blessed by this opportunity.



Peter A. Lillback

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Peter Lillback

Dr. Lillback (PhD, Westminster) is president and professor of historical theology.

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