Salvation is by Works Alone

April 11, 2014

by David Garner

Many treat gospel grace with frightful flippancy, and much of this abuse spawns from a misunderstanding of how grace works. In the next few SQN columns, we will work through the all-important theme of biblical grace and its essential relationship to works.

Let me put the first premise starkly: salvation is by works alone.

It might seem jarring to hear, but that very jolt itself may well disclose a colossal and common misunderstanding of the gospel. Without vacillation, the Bible speaks with one voice about the task, the accomplishment, and indeed the necessary work of salvation. To view biblical salvation coming in any other way is a pure distortion. A costless grace is not gospel grace, but a dangerous impostor.

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David Garner

Dr. Garner (PhD, Westminster) is associate professor of systematic theology and vice president for advancement at WTS.

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