Speedos or Shorts? Bikinis or Bathing Suits?

February 12, 2016

by Carl Trueman

Two things in the last week have brought to my attention that those who wish to maintain anything approaching traditional Christian standards are facing a brave new world. The first was a conversation with a young couple who were reflecting on the problem of finding modest, non-sexualizing clothes for their very young daughters, a point which led them to express concern about the educationally sanctioned sexualization of even elementary school children.

The second was the reading I have been doing in preparation for the Day Higginbotham Lectures at Southwestern Baptist Seminary that I will deliver later this week. My theme is ‘Christianity and Its Discontents,’ and in the first lecture I will address the way in which the psychologization of the politics of the Left has transformed, and continues to transform, public life. I had previously always thought Herbert Marcuse was the key figure in this narrative. It is now obvious to me that it was that delusional master of psychobabble, Wilhelm Reich, who was the key post-Freud figure. . . .

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Carl Trueman

Dr. Trueman (PhD, Aberdeen) is professor of church history at WTS.

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