The Content of Pre-Redemptive Special Revelation, Part 1 (Vos Group #5)

May 02, 2014

by Lane Tipton


Dr. Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey of Reformed Forum “examine the first portion of chapter three of Geerhardus Vos’s Biblical Theology (pp. 27-33). Vos has established the presence of special revelation in the garden of Eden, God’s words to Adam and Eve concerning the probationary covenant of works. In this chapter, he highlights four principles made known in this special revelation, the first two of which are ‘the principle of life in its highest potency sacramentally symbolized by the tree of life,’ and ‘the principle of probation symbolized in the same manner by the tree of knowledge of good and evil.'”

Produced by Reformed Forum.

Lane Tipton

Dr. Tipton (PhD, Westminster) is professor of systematic theology at WTS.

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