The Liturgy of Reformed Catholicity

January 11, 2022

by Mark Garcia

In recent decades, developments in the “theological interpretation of Scripture,” “canonical hermeneutics/theology,” and advanced research into the texts and figures of post-Reformation Reformed theologians and confessions have returned the question of Reformed catholicity to the attention of the Church. Thankfully, advances in responsible models and commendations of catholicity in theology are plentiful and varied. How might this process of catholic retrieval equip the Reformed Church of today in reconsidering the liturgical life of the body as it is lived out in the Lord’s Day gathering?

This lecture clips is taken from Reformed Catholicity, a full course module module with Dr. Mark A. Garcia. What kind of community is the Church, and what is the center, and what are the outer limits, of the Christian Faith? How does the confessional Reformed tradition relate to the Christian tradition as a whole? These and other questions are explored in this core class in the Greystone program. “Catholicity” is an often-misunderstood term, and “Reformed Catholicity” sounds to others like a contradiction, but in fact the early and formative voices of Reformed Protestantism were persuaded the life and health of the Church depends on its catholicity in Protestant, not Roman Catholic terms.

Lecture clip taken from the course “Reformed Catholicity” provided by the Greystone Theological Institute.


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