The Stages of the Sacrificial Ritual (Vos Group #39)

October 16, 2017

by Lane Tipton


In this episode of Vos Group, Dr. Tipton continues through Vos’s Biblical Theology, looking at the stages of the sacrificial ritual. This discussion covers pages 161–65.

“The blood has its rich symbolism in sacrifice: first, because it stands for death; secondly because it stands for the death of an individual, substitutionary person; thirdly, because it stands for a death involving suffering. All of this is given in the slaying [of a sacrifice] . . . Vos helps us see in this ritual sacrifice a typico-symbolic presentation of the gospel of God’s Son in an early stage in redemptive history.”

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Lane Tipton

Dr. Tipton (PhD, Westminster) is professor of systematic theology at WTS.

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