Tolle Lege: A Brief Response to Paul Helm

June 07, 2014

by Scott Oliphint

I have decided, with some reluctance, to respond to Paul Helm’s recent critique of God With Us. The reasons for my minor reluctance are two.

First, I consider Paul a friend. I have learned much from him and, for example, wanted to make sure our students here at Westminster were exposed to his teaching, so was pleased to invite him to teach a doctoral course here a few years ago. I do suspect, however, that his antipathy to Van Til is some of what motivates his comments below. These disagreements, I trust, remain disagreements among friends — at least I would hope they do.

Second, more importantly, I’m not sure a response to his blog is really in order at this point, given that the answers to his critiques/questions are already resident, and explicit, in God With Us (hereafter GWU). But, since, for whatever reason, those answers have not been seen or addressed in any way by him, maybe it will help to say a word or two or three in response. If one wants a more complete response, my recommendation would be tolle lege! (take and read!). [A word of warning: This response, as with Helm’s critique, requires some familiarity with the issues discussed. Space does not allow for fuller explanations of some of the technical concepts and ideas employed in this article.]

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Scott Oliphint

Dr. Oliphint (PhD, Westminster) is professor of apologetics and systematic theology at WTS.

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