Best of 2016: Free Ebooks and Faculty Posts

December 28, 2016

by Jeffrey Jue

Our faculty site enables you to discover and share the rich theological resources produced by our professors. Below, you can read their most popular posts this year. In addition, you can download three free ebooks made available by Westminster Seminary Press and the Westminster Theological Journal.



Seeing Christ in All of Scripture by Poythress, Duguid, Beale, and Gaffin

“A depth of riches. That’s what Westminster is as an institution. And that’s what comes through in the pages of this brief but signicant book.”
—Nancy Guthrie

Issues in New Testament Theology by Richard Gaffin

“What a gift Dr. Richard Gaffin has been to Christ’s church—and now for 80 years. Thanks be to God for his faithful witness in life and in theology. We are all in his debt.”
—Albert Mohler

Issues in History and Exegesis by Beale and Trueman

As a small gift this Christmas, the Westminster Seminary Press team put together a modest ebook. Enjoy the best articles by Carl Trueman and G.K. Beale published in the Westminster Theological Journal.


Top 10 Faculty Posts

1. “Did Luther Understand the Sacraments Better than We Do?” by Carl Trueman

“If the definition of ministry is set by Word and sacrament, so is the substance of the Christian’s life. Luther’s emphasis on Word, baptism, and the Lord’s Supper should surely point believers toward how they should understand their lives: the church service is fundamental to Christian discipleship.”

2. “The Power of Public Prayer in the Church” by R. Kent Hughes

“There is mighty power when the church comes together for focused, corporate prayer, because when the prayers are not perfunctory but thought through, and when the people are truly engaged and praying in concert, great grace is poured out.”

3. “The Promise Is for You and Your Children” by Iain Duguid

“If baptism is God’s promise that through Christ he is willing and able to accept your child, then it is a precious reminder to you and to your children of God’s grace and mercy. In baptism we ask the only one who can save us and our children to act in their lives.”

4. “Three Principles for Pauline Apologetics” by Lane Tipton

“Paul the apologist for the resurrection is Paul the theologian of covenant history. His presentation of the resurrection as proof of eschatological judgment in Acts 17, both realized and future, depends for its plausibility on a theology of covenant history that lies at the heart of the Pauline apologetic.”

5. “Beale & Schreiner on the Book of Revelation” by Gregory Beale

Watch Dr. Greg Beale and Dr. Tom Schreiner discuss how we should interpret the book of Revelation.

6. “Why Creeds are Vital to Trinitarian Worship” by Carl Trueman

“As Christians, we should expect worship always to be a learning experience. That requires us not only to call ministers who are able to stretch us theologically; it also means we should fill the worship service with material that draws us on to maturity. The creed is one such thing: it takes a few minutes to memorize and recite but a lifetime to master.”

7. “For Whom Did Christ Die” by Jonathan Gibson

“As Husband and Head, Christ died for his bride and body; as Cosmic Savior, he died for the world; and as the Last Adam, he died for a new humanity. In this regard, Christ truly is the Savior of the world—an innumerable number of people from every tribe and language and nation.”

8. “The Majestic Motive of Worship” by Scott Oliphint

“Nothing should motivate true Christian worship more than the majestic mystery of God. Things that we understand, that we can wrap our minds around, are rarely objects of our worship. We may seek to control them. We may try to manipulate them. We may want to change them. But we will not worship them, not really.”

9. “The Divine Attributes of Scientific Laws” by Vern Poythress

“The Bible asks people not primarily to believe in eternality and omnipresence as theoretical abstractions, but to trust God in practice in the conduct of their daily lives.”

10. “Does the Virgin Birth Really Matter?” by Brandon Crowe

“The virgin birth shows us that salvation is a gift from God alone. Although Israel had been eagerly awaiting its Messiah, and many had presumed to deliver Israel, in reality it took God’s Spirit working in the womb of the virgin Mary to bring the true Redeemer of his people into the world. All human efforts at lasting deliverance come to nothing. Instead, the virgin birth shows us that it was necessary for God to send forth his Son as Redeemer.”

Jeffrey Jue

Dr. Jue (PhD, Aberdeen) is provost and professor of church history at WTS.

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