Was Jesus Morally Depraved? An Assessment

August 13, 2015

by Carlton Wynne

Nephrologists will tell you that healthy kidneys are vital to human life. Their primary function is to filter out waste in the bloodstream that, if not removed, will kill the whole body. They will also tell you that failed kidneys cannot heal themselves. They need a healthy substitute–either a healthy kidney that is donated or a well-functioning dialysis machine–for pre-mature death to be avoided. It would be folly to think that substituting an equally failed kidney for those already failed could heal the body.

Contrary to that reality for the human body, some in the broadly Reformed theological world have advanced the notion that the spiritually unhealthy can only be healed by One who is equally unhealthy. More specifically, the idea is that for Christ to atone for the depraved, he must in his incarnation have taken on a human nature that was, itself, totally depraved or “fallen.”

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Carlton Wynne

Dr. Wynne (PhD, Westminster) is assistant professor of systematic theology and apologetics at WTS.

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