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The Divine and Adopted Son of God: A Response to Joshua Maurer and Ty Kieser

by David Garner  |  Themelios  |  “The Divine and Adopted Son of God: A Response to Joshua Maurer and Ty Kieser,” Themelios 47.1 (April 2022): 144–55.

Affirmations and Denials Concerning World Mission

by David Garner  |  Themelios  |  “Affirmations and Denials Concerning World Mission,” Themelios 45.1 (August 2020): 103–35.

Reading Jonah Backwards: Reconsidering a Prophet’s Repentance

by Stephen Coleman  |  Unio Cum Christo  |  Vol. 5 No. 1 Apr 2019

Dominus Dixit: Principles of Exegetical Theology Applied in Two Loci of Peter Martyr Vermigli’s 1 Corinthians Commentary

by Todd Rester  |  Reformation & Renaissance Review  |  Vol. 15, 2013 – Issue 1: Studies on the Living Legacy of Peter Martyr Vermigli

Participants in What We Proclaim: Recovering Paul’s Narrative of Pastoral Ministry

by Rob Edwards  |  Themelios  |  39.3

John Flavel on the Priority of Union with Christ: Further Historical Perspective on the Structure of Reformed Soteriology

by Rob Edwards  |  Westminster Theological Journal  |  74.1, 2012

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Redirecting the Church’s Drama

by Rob Edwards  |  Journal of Biblical Counseling  |  28.2, 2014

Paul’s Intentional ‘Thankless Thanks’ in Philippians 4.10–20

by David E. Briones  |  Journal for the Study of the New Testament  |  34 (2011): 47-69

Inerrancy is Not Enough: A Lesson in Epistemology from Clark Pinnock on Scripture

by Carlton Wynne  |  Unio Cum Christo  |  Vol. 2, No. 2 (2016): 67–81.

Review of Evangelical Exodus: Evangelical Seminarians and Their Paths to Rome, by Douglas M. Beaumont

by Scott Oliphint  |  Themelios  |  41.2 (2016): 360–363