Alfred Poirier

Pastoral Theology

Dr. Alfred Poirier (DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is professor of pastoral theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Dr. Poirier has held several additional teaching positions and has 38 years of pastoral ministry experience, including his time as a pastor at Rocky Mountain Community Church (PCA) in Billings, Montana for 26 years. Dr. Poirier’s academic interests lie in the areas of pastoral counseling and expository preaching. He is the author of The Peacemaking Pastor (Baker, 2006), and Words that Cut: Learning to Take Criticism in Light of the Gospel (Peacemaker Ministries) and several articles in The Journal of Biblical Counseling. 

Dr. Poirier has been married to his wife, Trudy, for 44 years and together they have 3 children: Sarah Clark, Sonja Stordahl, and Anya Valeriano; and 11 grandchildren.


  • DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2004
  • MDiv, Westminster Seminary California, 1984
  • MAR, Westminster Seminary California, 1983
  • BA in Religious Studies, California State University, Chico, 1980


  • Senior Pastor, Rocky Mountain Community Church (PCA), 1992–present
  • Pastor, Oak Hill Presbyterian Church (OPC), 1984–1992
  • Interim Pastor, Del Mar Community Church, 1983–1984
  • Associate Pastor, Del Mar Community Church, 1982–1983
  • Youth Pastor, Del Mar Community Church, 1980–1982


  • Visiting Professor of Pastoral Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2018–present
  • Adjunct Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, Westminster Seminary California, 2000, 2002, 2006–2018
  • Adjunct Faculty, National Litigation Academy, Alliance Defense Fund, 1999–2009
  • Adjunct Faculty, Blackstone Fellowship, Alliance Defense Fund, 1999–present
  • Adjunct Instructor and Certified Mediator, Peacemakers Ministries, 1994–2009