Context, Context, Context

“When you look at the whole Old Testament, we see see a God who is not only unbelievably powerful, but one who stoops down and brings people into relationship with him.” –Professor Elizabeth Groves Hear Professor Groves explain the importance of...

by Elizabeth Groves  |  56 min Audio

Reflections on Science, Cancer, and Faith

Libbie Groves (Lecturer in Hebrew at Westminster Theological Seminary) offers her reflections on her husband’s cancer and passing, and how the Lord sustained her in the midst of hardships. ...

by Elizabeth Groves  |  13 min Video

Dramatic Recitation in Hebrew: The Book of Jonah

This is a dramatic recitation of the book of Jonah in Hebrew, by lecturer in Old Testament, Elizabeth Groves. She presented this recitation on campus for students and attendees. Libbie says there are a few...

by Elizabeth Groves  |  13 min Video