Justification: A Fundamental Human Need

“If you have justification, you are not only free from moral guilt but although you die, you are free from the sting of death and will be found with him [Christ]...

by William Edgar  |  2 min Video

Confessing Christianity: Yesterday’s Reformation for Today’s Reformation

The word “confessing,” I confess, is a little bit vague. We use the word when we are admitting that we could have done better, or when owning that we’ve actually done wrong. In places where a life dedicated to Christ...

by Chad Van Dixhoorn   Text

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Have You Become What You Worship?

Does idolatry relate to the modern world? Why is it that we become whatever we worship? Is idolatry ultimately about our conception of who God is and who he is not? Matthew Barrett, executive editor of Credo Magazine, talks with Greg Beale...

by Gregory Beale   Text