The Trinity and the Order of Reality

“The most ultimate consideration, back of all reality is… that the Father loves the Son. And that the love of the Father...

by Mark Garcia  |  7 min Video

The Liturgy of Reformed Catholicity

In recent decades, developments in the “theological interpretation of Scripture,” “canonical hermeneutics/theology,” and advanced research into the texts and figures of post-Reformation Reformed theologians...

by Mark Garcia  |  6 min Video

Lord of the Way, Not Only the End

by Mark Garcia  |  39 min Video

An Interview with Dr. Mark Garcia

Get to know Dr. Mark Garcia, new professor of Systematic Theology. ...

by Alfred Poirier  |  45 min Video

Who Do You Say That I Am?

“Who do you say that I am?” The entirety of Church history can be reduced, in at least one sense, to the Christ...

by Mark Garcia  |  4 min Video

Family, Church, and Kingdom

Dr. Mark Garcia gives a special lecture, entitled “Family, Church, and Kingdom: Mapping Providential Affinities and Eschatological Destiny.” ...

by Mark Garcia  |  49 min Video

Reassurance: Needing the Truth to be True

Dr. Mark Garcia preach from Luke 1:1–4 for our February 10th, 2021 chapel. ...

by Mark Garcia  |  29 min Video

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