Great Mystery

“God has broken out of the old temple through Christ, who is identified with the living God, who possesses the church.” –Dr. G. K. Beale Watch Dr. Beale preach from 1 Timothy...

by Gregory Beale  |  51 min Video

Noble Oversight

 “Care for Christ’s church is so important that its leaders must be tried, tested, and trusted men who are markedly shaped...

by David Garner  |  39 min Video

Men and Women in Every Place

“The unchanging fact is that God desires the order of his good creation to be reflected in the church.” –Dr. R. Kent Hughes. Hear Dr. Hughes preach from 1 Timothy 2:8–15 on the role...

by Kent Hughes  |  41 min Video

Overflowing Grace

“By saving the foremost of sinners, God displays the greatness of his love and the sufficiency of Christ’s atoning work, which abounds for even the chiefest of sinners.” –Dr. Stephen Coleman Watch Dr. Coleman...

by Stephen Coleman  |  38 min Video

Your Ways, God’s Ways

“Jesus came to not only conquer death historically, but he came to apply his victory to our hearts and lives that we might not fear.” –Dr. Stephen Coleman Hear Dr. Coleman preach from Mark 5:21–43 on the mysteriousness of God’s ways....

by Stephen Coleman  |  34 min Audio

The Good Law

“A foundational change in our legal and relational standing before God is necessary if we are to join all creation in celebrating the beauty and sweetness of God’s law.” –Dr. Iain Duguid Watch Dr....

by Iain Duguid  |  33 min Video

Misusing the Law

“God in his Word calls us to lift our eyes above this visible world, to a Savior whom we cannot see and to press on day by day to the future glory in...

by Carlton Wynne  |  30 min Video

Westminster 2015 Preaching Conference

Register to attend this year's preaching conference featuring keynote speaker Rev. Dr. Joel Beeke, Dr. Carl Trueman, and more. Oct. 27–28.

What Jesus Says About Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

“Marriage is not a human creation. It did not evolve as a social arrangement. The institution of marriage was established by God from the very beginning.” Hear Dr. Poirier preach from Mark 10:1–12 on the deep implications of marriage. This sermon...

by Alfred Poirier  |  36 min Audio