Ethics by Eschatology

“We all have an eschatology; we are all orientated towards the future. We...

by Jonathan Gibson  |  42 min Video

Certain Eschatology

“Peter wants us to have a certain eschatology—a sure eschatology, an eschatology we’re confident...

by Jonathan Gibson  |  42 min Video

Unembarrassed Supernaturalism, Recovering Our Eschatology

“[Peter] writes this letter to stir up our minds to...

by Jonathan Gibson  |  44 min Video

Reminders from God

“The Christian life consists of constant reminders because we are prone to forget. Throughout the Bible, God’s people...

by Jonathan Gibson  |  48 min Video

The Great Commission

Watch Dr. Jonny Gibson preach from Matthew 28:16–20 on “The Great Commission.” This sermon was delivered for Westminster Theological Seminary’s Fall 2019 chapel series, “Great Texts About Preaching.” ...

by Jonathan Gibson  |   min Video

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