Ruling and Teaching

“If a father seeks to ensure that he gives his daughter only to a worthy man in marriage, how much more should we as future pastors give to Christ’s church only worthy men.”...

by Alfred Poirier  |  32 min Video

Loving and Leading People

“Whatever happens to us, we will never be destitute because he [Christ] has loved his people to the end.” –Dr. William Edgar Hear Dr. Edgar preach from 1 Timothy 5:1–16 on...

by William Edgar  |  32 min Video

Pastoral Progress

“This is one of the inescapable realities of Christian ministry; it’s not whether we are going to set an example but which example we are going to set.” –Dr. Jonathan Gibson Hear Dr. Gibson...

by Jonathan Gibson  |  49 min Video

Good, Disciplined Servants

“By virtue of Christ’s saving grace, all those who believe in him have been united with him so that they share in his godliness. His godly record becomes ours by grace and in...

by Kent Hughes  |  40 min Video

Sanctified Creation

“Christ [is] the object of our faith, the one who teaches us how to enjoy life and the one who promises us an invitation to a great feast, the marriage supper of the...

by Brandon Crowe  |  26 min Video

The Glory of Humility

“The unity of the body should be promoted thoughtfully and carefully by students of theology more than any other species of Christian.” –Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn Hear Dr. Van Dixhoorn preach from Philippians 2:1–10...

by Chad Van Dixhoorn  |  35 min Video

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Great Mystery

“God has broken out of the old temple through Christ, who is identified with the living God, who possesses the church.” –Dr. G. K. Beale Watch Dr. Beale preach from 1 Timothy...

by Gregory Beale  |  51 min Video