Elizabeth W. D. Groves

Old Testament

Mrs. Elizabeth (“Libbie”) Groves (MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary) is lecturer in biblical Hebrew at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Mrs. Groves’s academic interests include Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis, as well as counseling those who have gone through the loss of a husband or wife. Her interests also include pedagogy and how people learn languages. For those who are new to Mrs. Groves’s writing and teaching on these interests, see her video on the importance of learning biblical languages as well as her dramatic recitation of the book of Jonah in Hebrew. Or, listen to her sessions for the Women in the Word conferences in 2010 and 2011. On her interest and work on the topic of loss, she recommends her Women to Women mini-book, Becoming a Widow: The Ache of Missing Your Other Half, as well as her new devotional book, Grief Undone: A Journey with God and Cancer.


  • MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2009
  • Undergraduate studies, Dartmouth College

Church Ministry

Mrs. Groves is a member in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA).

Teaching and Professional History

  • Lecturer, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2009–present
  • Volunteer ESL Instructor
  • Teaching Assistant, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2008–2009


  • Biblical Hebrew 1 (OT 011)
  • Biblical Hebrew 2 (OT 012)

Other Online Resources