Listening to the Past: Wisdom from the Life of George Washington

September 04, 2013

by Peter Lillback

An interview with Peter Lillback on Credo Magazine:

Credo: What lessons have you learned from George Washington?

Lillback: Three aspects of Washington’s leadership are models for my leadership at Westminster: character, concern for the good of the whole institution, and self-denial. First, Washington’s life showed that character matters. Honesty, humility, perseverance, conviction for and adherence to core values were all aspects of his renowned leadership that emerged from his character. Those qualities are timeless for leaders and are aspirations that I long for in myself and my community. Second, Washington consistently asked what was best for the “good of the great whole” when making a difficult decision. As I’ve led Westminster, I’ve tried to consider not just what’s good for the professors, or the students or the staff, but what’s best for Westminster Seminary as a whole. Third, Washington’s self-denial is seen when he refused to become king, as he was urged to do by his officers. A leader who leads to serve others creates the healthiest and most stable institution humanly possible.

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Peter Lillback

Dr. Lillback (PhD, Westminster) is president and professor of historical theology.

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