What Does God Have to Do with Math?

February 17, 2015

by Vern Poythress

What does God have to do with mathematics? Many people would say, “Nothing. God and mathematics are separate subjects―there is no relationship.”

I, too, grew up thinking that way. But I have changed my mind. The two subjects have everything to do with each other.

My Story

I can illustrate by telling my story. As a child, I put my faith in Christ, and at nine years old publicly confessed my faith.

I also had an early love for mathematics. It grew as I got to high school. I worried about whether my love for math was greater than my love for God.

I knew from the Bible that God had to be first: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Matt. 22:37). But was I that way? Or was math my first love?

Until years later, I had no one to tell me that my two loves did not need to compete. What stimulated my love for mathematics was beauty and truth that reflected God’s beauty and truth.

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Vern Poythress

Dr. Poythress (PhD, Harvard; DTh, Stellenbosch) is professor of New Testament interpretation at WTS.

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